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    Rachael Tonsmeire, MMCP


Hello and Welcome to Moving Parts Equine

My approach to bodywork with horses is rooted in the understanding that if the horse is imbalanced in the body it will eventually have a negative affect on their overall health and mental well being. Over time, imbalances in the body lead to an accumulation of tension and restrictions in the muscles, joints and connective tissues. These restrictions can manifest physically as lameness, performance/training issues and/or emotionally as "behavior problems". By following the horse's responses to the Masterson Method® techniques, I work WITH the horse to help them relax and release some of these tension patterns that they may be carrying. The result is a horse who is more relaxed in both body and mind.


Please check out my resources and links for more information about Masterson Method® and how it works.


Anna L. Ogburn, DVM

What I admire most about Rachael and what sets her apart form so many other barefoot trimmers is that she is always seeking out innovative methods to make each individual hoof emulate its ideal form. She truly takes a holistic, team approach to the hoof health of her equine clients, incorporating the owner, veterinarian and barn manager.  She is a forever student, alway curious and actively listening to what the horse needs and always trying to improve her craft. She was instrumental in transitioning my ISH event horse with chronic negative palmar angle problems to a barefoot horse with correct hoof angles. She has also kept the hooves of my QH/Shire mare consistently strong and healthy despite colic surgery and severe gastric ulcers.  Rachael is a true professional and an invaluable asset to your horse's hoof health.  

Lindsay E.

As a trainer and instructor at a Therapeutic Riding Facility, I recognize that the work our horses do here can be both mentally and physically taxing.  I have found bodywork to be essential to keeping our horses balanced in their bodies and in their minds.  Rachael has become an integral part of the equation in helping the horses in our program as well as the horses that I train outside of the program.  She has been a huge blessing to our equine community.  She truly listens and cares for each horse and their individual needs.  These Masterson Method sessions leave the horses in my care feeling great in their bodies and minds.  

Page H.

Rachael’s superb Masterson Method work on my horses has been transformative. It is amazing to observe her as she unlocks the tension in their muscles and nervous system and makes it possible for them to find their way to deep relaxation. They clearly love the process and they love Rachael! Her rapport with them is a joy to watch!

Crystine H. & Maggie

Rachael has been working with my mare Maggie since 2021 using Masterson Method. With skilled application and MUCH patience, Rachael easily earned Maggie's trust and approval for this work. Watching Maggie relax and release into those places she's held tension for so long is simply heartwarming. This mare is sensitive (physically and emotionally) and often bottles it up inside with a tough-as-nails defensive attitude. Since working with Rachael using Masterson for several months, Maggie is more relaxed in her everyday manners and movements. I am also noticing improvements in her ability and willingness to do her Dressage work. Win/win for us all!

I highly recommend working with Rachael Tonsmeire and encourage everyone to give this effective Masterson Method work a try!

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