Full Masterson Method® session- $100



Standard barefoot trim
Starting at $60

Trimming books are closed.

What to Expect

A distinguishing characteristic of the Masterson Method® technique session is the difference is level of touch from a traditional massage. The Masterson Method® practitioner uses a light touch, sometimes inches away from the skin. When we do ask for movement from the horse we ask for that movement when the horse is in a relaxed state. The goal of this light technique is to stay below the horses brace response to facilitate deeper, longer lasting relaxation in the horse. In this relaxed state the horse is able to release tension deep within the body. One thing to keep in mind when watching a Masterson Method® session is that we are not doing this TO the horse, we are doing this WITH the horse.

I encourage you to check out many of the Jim Masterson videos on his YouTube page as well as the website

** Masterson Method® is not a substitution for veterinary care. Please consult your veterinarian if you have any medical concerns. **

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